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Stones Particular Uses

The stones retain all their ancient possibilities of use and processing, also allowing perfect restorations.
Today, however, with the new technology numerous new processing possibilities are opening up and therefore particular uses of the stones and the Tirone Edilizia proposes:

– Reduced thicknesses
– Forms such as opus incertum, tranciatini, mosaics glued on nets, easy to lay and also with glues
– Pre-assembled of thin dimensions for easy laying and gluing
– Transparent stones like decorative glass, as in ancient times
– Bending resistant stones because they are reinforced with metals or carbon structures
– Stones like wood because they are cut into strips, or even because they have veins like wood
– Extremely thin stones around 2 mm, foldable with hands, can be cut with scissors, can be glued on existing floors or walls, on furniture, doors, etc., in standard slabs up to about 60 × 120 cm, also available in sheets of more than one approximately 100 × 200 cm and / or to measure requested, all to order.
– Stones worked to build furniture for bookcases, kitchens, tables.