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Stones Particular Uses

The stones retain all their ancient possibilities of use and processing, also allowing perfect restorations.
The new processing possibilities offer:
– Reduced thicknesses
– Forms like opus incertum, veneer cutters, mosaics glued on nets, easy to install
– Thin pre-assembled sizes easy to lay and glue
– Transparent stones as decorative glass, as in ancient times
– Stones resistant to bending like metals because armed with metals or carbon structures
– Stones like wood, cut into strips, even better if they have veins like wood
– Extremely thin stones around 2 mm, foldable with hands, can be cut with scissors, glued on furniture, doors and on light “coats” on façades in standard slabs up to about 60×120 cm, also available in sheets over one about 100×200 cm and / or to measure required, all to order.
– Stones usable as wood to build furniture for bookcases, kitchens, tables.