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Tirone Edilizia has been operating in the field of building stones for three generations. The accumulated experience allows us to present a wide range of stones, marbles and granites with all their processing and supply possibilities. The Tirone Edilizia also deals with the dissemination of technical information and the coordination of the installation, reliefs, transport, water-oil repellent treatments and anything else that may be necessary for the successful completion of the works and their use, following the customers also in maintenance up to the appraisals and in the legal assistance.

Public Works

The stones are used for public and large-scale works: squares, streets, sidewalks, churchyards, wall cladding that flank roads, garden furniture, for facades and much more …
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Private building

For private buildings, stones are the materials that now furnish all parts. Outdoors: sidewalks, to coves, to columns, to flowerbeds, to walls and more: terrace floors, entrance halls, traditional or ventilated facades, wainscoting, rustic walls, roofs, with completion elements such as columns , curbs, stairs, etc….
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HydroOil Treatments

The most suitable water-oil repellent treatments for the many surfaces can be suggested, such as: natural split surface; frame; disk; polished; polished floor; sandblasted; flamed; bushhammered; antique and others …
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Optimal formats

There are two major classifications for optimal stone formats, irregular polygons and square slabs, the latter of very varied dimensions and suitable for different needs …
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Arenaria Berra
Flooring and wall covering

Istria yellow
Stone bathroom wall tiles

Grey stone
School floor