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Interior Stones

Tirone Edilizia is specialized in the use of stones to create beautiful and original Stone Products for floors and walls and elements of completeness

These materials from Beole, to Slate and many other stones can be adapted to the thicknesses required by the yard, they can be applied to mortar and glue, depending on the materials and situations.

Tirone Edilizia also offers the novelty of super-thin stones, of just a few millimeters, which can be glued on previous floors, thus avoiding laborious demolition works, or glued as coatings of various structures.

The different surface workings of the stones allow the creation of infinite effects, creating delicate material contrasts.

These surface finishes range from the classic polished to the various honed, disc tops, flamed, brushed, sanded, blasted, bush-hammered, up to the natural planes where they exist, thus obtaining various solutions for every need.

Tirone Edilizia follows the customers also in the specific analysis of the treatments of the stones to be carried out after laying with hydro-repellent products in order to make them more functional and less dirty.

With the stones we can also complete the rooms by creating various worked elements, such as thresholds, window sills, stairs, door and window contours, up to the floors for bathrooms and kitchens, showers, even solid wood sinks, etc.