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Stones for facade cladding and rustic walls

The facades are another way to use stone, making the work particularly durable.

Today there are many ways to make a façade or a wainscot; Tirone Edilizia proposes:

– the most ancient solutions of rustic walls: which once required strong thicknesses and were load-bearing; now instead we speak of “curtain walls”, that is of more or less thick coverings, made with more or less rustic split elements, which require much less material, thicknesses and lighter weights than traditional walls. These realizations are obtained with the stones that provide blocks and that in the north are often besides the Beole we also have the Credaro stone and numerous marbles

– the traditional solutions: especially for the plinths with glue / mortar laying, with safety clamps, thin thicknesses suitable to the dimensions of the requested slabs.

– the most modern solutions for ventilated facades: with larger slab dimensions than traditional glue laying: also in this case the stone allows all types of holes or milled to insert the various fixing elements.

Traditional and modern solutions allow the use of any stone and all possible surface finishes such as: disc, sanded, polished, brushed, bush-hammered, flamed, sanded, ruled etc.