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Exteriors Stones

The stone has historically always been used in the exterior for both floors and walls.

The most used materials historically have always been those of the area and therefore in the north the beole, granites, porphyries, while in the south they range in typical local materials.

Tirone Edilizia continues this historic custom by integrating the use of new technologies so as to adapt the thickness of stone materials to the current requirements; based on the types of material, you can think of mortar or glue applications.

In the exterior we cannot use smooth, non-slip finishes, but we have a range of rough finishes that also allows us to choose and play with material / color jumps with the same material.

Surface finishes vary slightly depending on the nature of the materials. We have, for example, traditional quartzites and slates that have only a splendid natural surface, while for example the Orients, Beolas, Piasentina, and Cardoso, also have various finishes, deriving from workmanship, and the main ones are floor saw, disk top, flamed top, sandblasted top, shot blasted top, scratched top, bush-hammered top; in materials where there are no excellent natural surfaces, Tirone Edilizia offers the possibility of leveling them at the tip to improve its coplanarity, where necessary.

All the works can then always be completed with worked elements of the same materials chosen, for example columns, string course capitals, curbs, fountains, contours of swimming pools, curbstones, etc.