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The Expertise is the specific study of a problem on floors, walls, elements in stone material, with identification of the causes, through visual analysis and the final final report often used for legal disputes.

The expertise is performed by someone who is in possession of in-depth knowledge of stone materials, their limits and possibilities, bearing in mind particularly:

– Their appearance as visual features;
– Their structural characteristics;
– Their posing behavior;
– Their behavior towards hydro-oil treatments repellents;

The appraisal is the technical examination of a fact or a work to express a judgment which, supported by technical reasoning, analyzes the causes of one or more problems as described in the assignment.

The main phases of the appraisal activity , following the assignment of the assignment and the preparation, by the technician, of everything necessary for his work can be summarized in:

Inspection and accurate examination and description of the places, supported by annotations, photographs and, if necessary, by the help of specialized personnel.
Documental investigations
Examination and writing, in writing, of what has been analyzed with the inspections and surveys.
The description, first general and concerning the environment in which the work is located, then the illustration of the details to which the appraisal is properly referred, quoting them one by one.
Judgment . The judgments do not constitute the final phase of the appraisal, in which the results are treated with the possible remedies proposed (when necessary) and the costs, but they constitute the logical presupposition.
Conclusions . All conclusions on facts and circumstances and all proposed remedies (if necessary) are summarized in the conclusions.